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Have a 21st b-day for a male, theme is pole dancers.

Requesting a 2 Layered cake, top is round bottom is square, the top I 'm putting a pole dancer but have no idea what to do on the bottom layer? Please help wih ideas!!!

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LOL......... Gosh thank you Stampinsher for having such confidence in me, no pressure? you kidding im a nervous wreck. at least i have a cheer leader that is cute.

Stampinsher said:


I think this is the most exciting post for the month of February!  I am so excited to see what you come up with - Gosh, I don't mean to add any type of pressure on you whatsoever, I don't think anyone here has that intent.  Wow-wee, this is going to be a fun cake!  Think of me as your cheer leading club!  Have fun!!!  You have some great ideas from so many members to incorporate onto your original design it will be great to see what you actual come up with and no matter what you use for ideas, it will be good.  Don't forget to tell us what flavor the cake will be and if there is any filling, please.  Go For It!

isabel marques said:

hi Melissa thank you for your reply Charmaine also suggested black and white squares for the bottom tier i like the money idea too

i will put all the ideas together and work on it, it will be interesting to see what it will look like.



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