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I am making a cake with the wires off the top with stars on, do I just let the fondont dry on the wire or do I add some tylose powder to fondont?

Secondly I'm gonna print the decorations eg music notes and name off comp and cut out on fondont for sides of caje should I use water, butter icing or tyLose powder water mixture to attack it?

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I would add a touch of tylose to the fondant for your stars, they will dry faster. When placing the wire in the cake, the ends going into the cake should be wrapped in floral tape for hygienic reasons. Ok, the attachments. If you are attaching to a bc cake, use bc or royal icing to attach the fondant. If attaching to a fondant cake, you can use gum glue, bc/royal icing, water or corn syrup. It depends on how big the attachments are. If there small, doesn't really matter. If there big, royal icing will really help to hold it in place.
Hope this helps. :o)

Yup it does thanks look out for pics starting with cake today thanks for all the advice

For attaching the music notes to the cake, royal icing is the best for me, for it dries quickly and stable. Yes, June is right, you need to wrap the wire with floral tape before placing the fondant stars. I made something like this with the Toy Story cake. Pls. see my Facebook page: RC cakes and you can see how it looks like.

Thanks will now

I forgot one thing Wendy, regarding large pieces attaching to your cake. Depending on what it is, a large flower,  etc. I have attached toothpicks/or something similar, like a wooden skewar into the decoration before it dries. Then you can "push" the decorations into the cake with the addition of bc/royal icing added behind the decoration on the decoration itself & the toothpick/skewar.  :o)

Thanks a mill

All the little tips help....  :o)

Were you able to finish you cake Wendy? I would love to see the finished product. I forgot to tell you to make your stars thicker so that it wouldn't easily break when you insert the wire.

Baked cakes yesterday, gonna start the fondont work today, ill post pic as soon as I'm done thanks for all ur help ladies

Ok ladies pics are up thanks for all your help. must say was the most stressful cake iv'e ever made but don't think it turned out to bad

     Do not stick wires in to cake, even if they are wrapped with floral tape it does not make them hygienic.  I got an e-mail once from Kerry Vincent and she said under no circumstances push a wire directly into a cake.  I use "coffee stirrers" in my cakes and the wires are added into them when the cake is at it's final destination.  To keep them from wiggling I put a small ball at the top of the straw, it holds the wire so it does not twist around.   


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