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I'm baking a large cake for a graduation on Friday and I need to freeze it til wed or thursday.  I need to know how to do this without messing up the cakes or worse, having them taste like something other than cake!


Thanks in advance!

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I'm assuming you plan to freeze the plain cake layers not a fully decorated cake. If so, triple wrap your layers in plastic wrap and then wrap in aluminum foil. Be sure to seal it well. Green peppers and onions are notorious for transferring flavors so be sure to remove any possible offenders.

I've frozen cakes for a couple of months without any trouble.
I agree with Deah. When we get married, our custom is to freeze the top layer for a year and have it on our first anniversary. If you wrap it up the way Deah says, it will be just as fresh the day you had it. Amazing but true.
Ha!!! Diana...My husband and I acutally froze the top layer of our wedding cake...thought I had that pretty well wrapped...kept it frozen for a whole year and on our first anniversary we ate it.........yuck!!!!!!!!!!! it was gross...I don't think it was wrapped well enough but it was a neat thing to do...our 25th is coming up in Oct. I think I will make us a wedding cake :D
Ha Ha! YEah we froze our top layer also and while the cake tasted like cake, the buttercream tasted like crap:(
Thanks for your help ladies!!
Really? My sister-in-law wrapped it up so good that I had a hard time getting into it. I can't wait to see your anniversary cake.

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