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Hi everyone..I am at a design block..I need to make a birthday cake for 54yr old man  who is a carpenter and likes music  any ideas??  short notice but any suggustions will help

thanks fellow decorators


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maybe rice paper sheet music with his favorite song, on a square cake with wood grain imprint  stained brown on golden brown fondant or royal icing? With some white chocolate shavings to look like sawdust?

You are obviously a lady that is up for a shape challenge....My immediate thought for this would be to make an upright piano shape cake (like the old ones), cover it in light brown fondant and then paint it in a 'scrumble' style (not sure if you have that expression where you are).  It's like a wood grain effect.  The keyboard you could obviously do in white and black fondant.  Then to add the personal touch, where you would normally have the piano maker's name on the front, put the name of the birthday boy instead.  If you have time, maybe even a piano stool from fondant, with chocolate fingers for legs.

Whatever you decide, will be very interested to see what you come up with, so don't forget to post a pic!

Thank you to Kathy and Sineade.  Will post finished cake

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