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Hi all,

I am running a bakery here. I always love to bake cakes and my passion in baking led me to start a business related to it. Now, the business is going good and I have a plan to renovate my shop as a part of growing it.


Actually, I have already made the paper works for the renovation. But, the cost is somewhat higher than I expected. So, I want to take a mortgage now. The issue is that I already have a mortgage which I took to buy my home. I have a good credit score. So, I hope I would get qualified for a second mortgage.


I am planning to take a mortgage for self-employed. What are the formalities for getting a second mortgage? What are the documents required for the approval? And what are the things to be taken care of while taking a second mortgage? Can you please suggest me the best commercial mortgage?

I am confused whether to take an open-end or closed-end mortgage. In my search, I came to read about the top mortgage brokers in Toronto. What is your opinion about consulting them for a service? I haven't heard of them before. Hope you could help me here. Thank you.

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