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I'm making a wedding cake for my cousin's wedding in September.  We're still in the early planning phase but she's planning on 150 people attending.  I told her that a four tiered cake should be fine (12", 10" 8" and 6"). 


Can anyone tell me if this sounds like the appropriate size cake for that many guests?     

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I think that is 130 wedding servings.  Take a look at this -  It will tell you servings and batter capacity


Here's a good guide from another forum...


Don't forget  --- 

Don't to count the top tier if she plans to save it for her anniversary. 

Wedding servings are small, so make sure whoever is cutting the cake understands the serving size and the importance of consistency (almost everyone tends to err on the larger size),  or plan for a little extra cake. 

Your supports will take away servings, so make sure you allow for this as well.


Good luck!



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