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Today I received the most wonderful gift from my hubby! Can't wait to start using it on Monday!

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Oh I know that one Goreti.  Mine goes around telling everyone how long I have spent on it and how blue the air was during the process!

Goreti said:

Oh wow, Magdalena, he is definitely a keeper.  Although my hubby is proud of what I come up with, he has a tendency to point out any flaws which really ticks me off.  He tells me that if I don't want his opinion then not to ask him for it.  But you should see his face and the family is going gaga over it.  You would think he did it.  lol

Ha Ha Goreti.... that is EXACTLY like my husband.....  I mean EXACTLY!!!! AND... he constantly complains about the "mess"!!!!

I am so glad your hubby is supportive as well Magdalena.... sounds like a great guy....  :o)

He is! I am so glad he is in my life. After my divorce I thought I would never ever trust a man again. But then I found him. And I am 8 years older than him to crown it all!

Who Hoo
A younger man.... You go girl!!!! :0)

You beat me to it June.  That is exactly what I was going to say.  Also June, my husband yesterday asked me "how many hours did you spend on that cake?"  Does that sound familiar?  

That does sound familiar! I'm lucky husband will actually come in and do the dishes, the laundry and make dinner (or pick up a pizza!) while I am decorating....he's keeper!

Goreti, sounds like something my Steve would say. He made faces & fussed over all that "time" I spent on the Anniversary cake, but turned around & said it was so professional looking & elegant. One of the best cakes I've made. Go figure??
And Joann, if my husband did what yours did, I'd have a heart attack from surprise.

Do the laundry??????????  Yikes, definitely a keeper Joann

Well.... my hubby does help with laundry, vacuuming etc., but he enjoys cooking, which is great. But I must say, if push comes to shove & I am up in it with decorating, he will help out. Especially if the cake is for a family member.


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