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Today I received the most wonderful gift from my hubby! Can't wait to start using it on Monday!

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Hip Hip Hooray for your hubby Magdalena. I would be excited too. Let us know what it is like to work with.  :o)

Ooooh, definitely let us know how you like it.  It looks awesome.

Preeeetttttyyyy!!!!! Enjoy!!

Must be the year for new mixers my fella bought me the new Andrew James pro with a huge 7 litre bowl for my birthday after all my whinging about the bowl on my old (and I do mean OLD!!) Kenwood not being big enough for some of my enormous cakes its flamin awesome lol

Looks really lovely Magdalena.  My hubby bought me a standalone mixer last year - first one I have ever had, all hand held up till then.  I am completely in love with it, such an awesome bit of kit.  Good for your hubby - was it a special occasion or just because he loves you?

I am hoping the answer is......  Just because.... :o)

Does he have a brother? lol  Good Job Hubby!!! enjoy!

Hmm, is there something wrong with us?  We are all excited & drooling over a new mixer.  lol  Then again, some of my family members do think I'm weird since I get such a thrill from cooking & baking.

Nothing wrong here Goreti.  I'm already making up my Christmas wish list and it has nothing but baking and decorating related items on it............

<3, <3, <3...Really love you all! Yes he gave it to me because he loves me and says I make him very proud with all my creations. When he comes home at night and there is a cake waiting his BB and he, just goes ballistic  Can't get enough photos and angles to go brag the next day! 

Oh my - what a guy!  Seriously, what a lovely gesture on his part and how nice for you to have such a supportive chap.  Must work wonders for your self confidence. xx

Oh wow, Magdalena, he is definitely a keeper.  Although my hubby is proud of what I come up with, he has a tendency to point out any flaws which really ticks me off.  He tells me that if I don't want his opinion then not to ask him for it.  But you should see his face and the family is going gaga over it.  You would think he did it.  lol

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