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I am making a 3 or 4 tier wedding cake in October. I was wondering should I make 2 small test cakes before that? They will be covered in fondant with ribbon going around the bottom of each tier. than flowers on top....

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Hi Patricia.  Not sure why you are thinking you should make test cakes first?  Is it because you don't know whether they will hold up being tiered?

If you have not made a wedding cake before it might be worth your time to make a test cake.  And do your research on supporting it etc.  That way when you get ready to do your cake you will be more comfortable doing it.  When I first started I made cakes for everyone just so I could practice!

Hey Patricia

I have looked at your cake pics and you seem pretty experienced. Don't see the need to pre-make cake ahead of time. I am assuming it is try different types of flavors & icings??  :o)

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