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I have my fist carved cake order this weekend.  She wants a conga drum cake.  A conga drum is a little smaller at the bottom than at the top, maybe a two inch total difference between the diameter of the top of the cake and the bottom.  My questions are these:

1.  I assume I should freeze the cakes, right?

2.  Are there any tricks to the fondant - wrap it around the cake, as opposed to over the top?

3.  Construction wise, I am baking (4) 8" rounds.  I am planning on using 3.  The overall cake will be about 8" wide at the top, about 6" at the bottom and 10" high.  I am afraid of total structural failure due to the bottom of the cake being smaller than the top.  What type of support structure do I need?  I've been using barbeque skewers to support tiers on tiered cakes, but this is a little different.  Should I put 6" cardboard round between the top two layers, and support with the skewers?  Or should I support all three layers with cardboard rounds?


I made the Oreo cake in the recipe secion and am planning on making Theresa's white chocolate mousse between the layers.  If I use the cardboard between the layers, I'm afraid of a complete mess when they go to serve the cake.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks.


I've attached picture of a conga drum cake that she wants. 

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you are going to need a dowell down the entire center of the cake as well as smaller structural supports (michaels sells the smaller dowels in the "minature" or wood working section... HOme depot sells the larger dowels cheap....I would guess at least 3/4 diameter. Are you torting and filling each round or are you just filling in between rounds? I always use a cake board for every 2 rounds (each are torted and filled). You need to make sure you have a sturdy base for support (sturdier than a single cake round)
Four the 8" rounds I used a 3" deep pan. I should probably torte them, huh?

From the bottom up: wood cake board - cake - mousse - cake - carboard - cake - mousse - cake - carboard - cake mousse - cake - frosting - fondant.

It doesn't seem like there is enough frosting. Should I do the layers differently?

See the attached schematic (yes, I'm that anal)...does this look right to you?
i had that dilemma of covering my 1st topsy turvy cake that's wider at the top and thinner circumference at the bottom. it didnt go so well :( i'm trying my hand at it again this wknd. i'm hoping i'll do better esp since it's for my son's baptism! i'm sure u'll be fine. just make sure u secure the edges at the top to prevent it from tearing - my big mistake of not doing!
I can't find the Oreo cake recipe under the "recipes" in the forum. Is there another place to look? There not that many recipes there from what I can see. Thanks!
Here's the link to the Oreo cake:

It's one of my favorites!

stephani hardridge said:
I can't find the Oreo cake recipe under the "recipes" in the forum. Is there another place to look? There not that many recipes there from what I can see. Thanks!
The cake is done. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. My customer picked up the cake this afternoon. Will post pics tomorrow.
Your conga drum cake helped me with the project I am about to embark on. I want to make an african conga drum for my husband's 40th bday party. I never carved a cake or worked with fondant before. I am scared to death!!! Thank you for the questions and pics and information you provided on your cake. It really helped me, at least, know how to get started. If needed (and I am sure I will most definetly NEED), can I ask for advice from you or anyone else here? Thank you in advance for any help that can be given.

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