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I am so excited to get back in the kitchen!!! It won't be for a couple weeks but I am just excited to be in the planning stages!!!!  Our Grandson is turning 2 and Gramma is baking him a very special cake... It will be Mickey Mouse Choo Choo Express.  The cake itself is going to be a Topsy Turvy Cake to look like Mistletoe Mountain and the Mickey Mouse Choo Choo train will either be going up the mountain or around the base... have not decided yet.  I cheated and bought the Mickey Mouse figures... Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Goofy & Pluto.  That way he can play with them after the birthday too.  For his birthday I got him all kinds of fun Mickey Mouse stuff.  Can't wait to get going on it!!!  I have not baked since November.  I feel like a kid in a candy store!!!

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I LOVE YOUR CAKE!!!!  You did an amazing job!  And to get the tunnel there without the cake falling apart!  A true work of art! 

Nur Ainee Muhammad said:



Finally managed to get the pics uploaded onto the blog. Somehow it disappeared from my camera during the process of trasferring to the compute. The customer sent me her pics. Have a look and let me have your thoughts.

jeri c said:

I really enjoyed looking at your blog!!!  The address is this though...  blogspots have a . and not a @.   You do fantastic work!  Can't wait to see your Thomas cake!

Nur Ainee Muhammad said:

Hi Jeri,


I havent been here for so long... now Im back.

Anyway, Im feeling great right now... just finished a cake like the one you're planning.

Cake left an hour ago.

Its a Thomas the train and friends cake. A two tier topsy turvy altho the top tier could do with a greater slant. But the best part is we managed to bore a tunnel through and got a 'real' tunnel for Thomas. It was a challenge but we did it.  Customer bought the toys as she wanted the birthday boy to be able with them later. I will post the pictures on my blog soon .  Please do pay a visit and I welcome feedback.. please be honest... there's always room for improvement.

Have fun Jeri.... post yours when its done.


The cake sounds like it is going to be fab... i can't wait to see the pictures x

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