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Anyone have advice on creating these "Mouse ears", but with cereal treats? I have already made the base, but wanted to see if anyone has advice to offer as far as creating and attaching the ears, and also getting them "flush" with the curved base.

Was thinking of simply cutting circle slabs of black gumpaste and inserting toothpicks where the ear would meet the base, then using them to attach to base when the ears were dry.

Any thought?

Thanks to everyone, all the members here are always so terrific with help and encouragement!MIckey1.jpg

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I have never made one but found this video

Hahahaha thank you Goreti that's the only one I DID watch before posting! :)

The finished product; we donated this gift to a special boy  :)

Looks awesome Paige. Great job

I've done several of these.  I usually cut the ears from gumpaste with a circle cutter, insert the toothpicks and then shape them in a curved fashion and let them dry resting in a cup.  That way they keep their shape.  Just flatten (a little) the side of the circle the tooth pick will go into.  Works great.


Great advice, thank you!

This looks fantastic!
Paige said:

The finished product; we donated this gift to a special boy  :)

I made this one a couple years ago by cutting a large circle of gum paste and forming it over the bottom of a bowl turned upside down. I made the ears out of circles and formed them in the proper shape and sort of flattened and flipped a little tab back.  I shaped the ears up against the base, but let them dry separately.  Then I put them together, with royal icing, if I remember correctly.  It is a little hard to see the ears since the bow is in front of them.


Thanks everyone for your advice, AND the kind words about the final result. Everyone here is always full of support and encouragement and it is so appreciated!

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