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Anyone have any good ideas for Mothers day cake pops?

Im sure with all of the talent we have here coming up with a bunch of Mothers day cake pop ideas should be simple.

Please post all your Mothers day cake pop creations in the comment section below.

Thank you for your help

Lets make this the largest collection of Mother Day cake pops on the web

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Hey Cake Fan...i was thinking of the same over the weekend.  What to do for mothers day!

I was thinking of doing flower shaped cake pops!  I wanted to do like a bouquet...what do you think? -- but how do you make these roses??

  I took a couple ideas and put them into one, I added cake balls and hard candy and put them into a clay pot that I painted to create a lovely arranged flower pot for Mom on Mother's Day.  The cake balls are a cookies and cream cake ball.  The hard candy is made by me as well and is a buble gum flavor. 

  And I am new to this sight and I apologize but I had a picture up and now it is gone and for some reason there is no option to repost.  Any help would be accepted, thanks

I made cake pop "roses" by dipping them in red chocolate then piping a red swirl to create a petel effect then added two green fondant leaves to the base.  They looked pretty neat, esp. in a bouquet. : )

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