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Hello ladies of cake businesses :-)

What kind of cakes do you get most requests for? Do you find a certain size or cake is more common? Or a super popular flavor? Do you find cake requests change with foodie trends, or that old faithfuls stand firm and get requested all the time? Do you find yourself making more kids cakes, or wedding cakes, or something else? Do you find people bringing you a picture of a cake they've seen before, or that they have an idea in there head of what they want you to create, Or do you find they just pick a theme or colour and leave all the details up to you? Would be interesting to see if this varies greatly or not much depending on where your from.

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Hi Penny! The most requested flavor for cakes and cupcakes for me are mocha and red velvet covered in fondant. I make cakes more for kids. Sometimes they show me the picture of the cake then I will just modify it. I'm from the Philippines.

Thanks Maria! Wow I have actually never made red velvet cake before, can't wait to try it but! Will be great to see other people's responses to compare :-)

my most requested is carrot with the cream cheese frosting and my melt in your mouth chocolate cake.  I haven't been doing this very long but those are the most frequently asked for cakes.

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