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I have a money stack cake due and for the world I cannot get the perfect green I tried Moss Green to dark, I tried, kelly green to dark, leaf green to bright I'm just so lost with this color green I need helppppp lol... To me the color looks a light green but I don't know which color green to use to get that light green any suggestions will be truly appreciated I have attached a picture of the cake the customer wants !

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To me it's almost like a "dirty" green.  What about adding a small hint of grey food coloring? 

Didn't think of that one will be trying I'm like really having a fussy time with this 1 lol thank you !

I agree with shuswapcakes. I think it looks like ivory fondant with a hint of black/gray with a touch of green to look a dirty green colour.

Why don't you take out a dollar bill and let it sit right beside you for reference as far as colour? That might help.

I tried that and was like ugh I was thinking a safe green too

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