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I made some modeling chocolate a few months ago when it was cooler temps and lower humidity ( I live in Texas).  That modeling chocolate set up nicely and firmed up like it should before and after kneading it etc.


Now I'm using the same recipe, same ingredients and it's so soft after I make my figures.  I use a combination of almond bark and corn syrup (7 oz bark to 1 1/2 tablespoons corn syrup).


Is there something I can add to make the recipe firmer?



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Cooler temperatures in Texas!  Okay, you can slap me I deserve it.  I just couldn't help myself.  I just made modeling chocolate on my last project for Father's Day, and the leftover that I saved to use another time is soft.  Yep, my temperatures here has finally reach above 80º and I'm not going to complain.  So modeling chocolate for me will be during cooler days.

I think it's the heat for sure. I don't keep our house super cool (I can't afford it!). So I think that's why the mod. choc. is softer. It hardens up when I put it in the freezer but after it's been out for a while - bleh - soft again. I guess modeling chocolate project will be fall/winter and early spring only projects!
Try using less corn syrup :D
Less corn syrup is good, as syrups are hygroscopic and which means they draw moisture from the air (so on humid days more moisture ends up in your modeling chocolate).  When you add less syrup the modeling chocolate may become crumbly, so replacing a little of the syrup with water usually works.
Thanks! I'll have to try that!

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