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Evening everyone,

Does anybody know if you can use modeling chocolate to cover a sculpted cake?  If so is there a tutorial out there somewhere.  Any info is greatly appreciated!!!

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Look at my "what a bear cake", sandy. That is a fully sculpted cake and it is all modeling choc. I don't use a 50/50 fondant mix, so can'tgive you much help there! When u cover the cake, treat it like you would if you WERE using fondant apply it the same way.

Hope it goes great!!!!


HE is fantastic  thank you soooo much for your quick reply.  I am getting ready to start my grandsons pokemon.  Wish me luck.

Sandy Cravens said:


Another questions on your bear do you use an extra support in the head because I plan on sculpting charizard head out of modeling chocolate? Was sure since it will be so heavy if I needed extra support.  Thanks

Katy Nott said:

haha - thanks Phil!  I guessed you were, but wasn't sure lol

Phil V said:

Hi Sandy!  If you look at my pictures on my page you will see that I use modeling chocolate to cover sculpted cakes all the time! In fact, I never use fondant.  Modeling chocolate (homemade) just has a better flavor than purchased fondant (in my opinion)  but I always get pretty good reviews on the taste of my cakes.  

I will tell you that modeling chocolate is very heavy, compared to fondant, but you can definitely use it rolled out thinly to cover a cake.  

I'll be glad to give you any advice that I possibly can.  

Have a great night!

Phil  (and btw katy, I am a him-Phil!  LOL!  :)

Yes! Definitely use support. I use a plastic pillar the kind that are used for wedding cake type stuff. The ones that are to be hidden-type.

I put choc down in that tube first. (Roll up like a rope and push it in there). Then i form a round ball on top of the pillar-this is to later sculpt the pokemon head on . Put it in freezer
Let that harden and then take out and put more choc on and sculpt the charzar head. Once it is sculpted put in fridge this time for about 15 to let harden up. Take out and push dow into ur cake then sculpt cake. Roll out thin choc and cover the body. Be sure to press a lot of choc around the neck and head to connect this also gives more support when it all hardens up! On my bear, his paws and feet were sculpted all out of choc then dowels in them and press into the other choc! Good luck Sandy!!!

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