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i just want to ask what brand of white chocolate should i use to make a modeling chocolate coz i tried the Hersheys chipits white chocolate and followed the how-to' instruction to make a modeling chocolate but when i took it out from the fridge it was very brittle and i ended  heating it up in microwave to make it workable again and while kneading it, all the oil and grease from the chocolate came out and got separated from the chocolate that i ended up pouring the grease into the drain, is this normal in making modeling chocolate? without the grease and oil, it still taste like chocolate but bit dry and the problem is it won't stick anymore, so some parts of the figure that i made out of it is hard to stick them together. 

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The best and simplest kind to make is to use Wilton's candy melt thingy. I've used Guittard once but it's expensive. You can basically use any brand but make sure it contains cocoa butter.

That "grease" is the fat in the chocolate, which separated probably due to overheating or accidental introduction of liquid or steam. It should not be poured off but rather kneaded back into the modeling chocolate once it's semi-cooled. You can download my recipe for modeling chocolate with instructions and suggestions on how to buy chocolate for modeling chocolate here:

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