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Hello fellow decorators!

It's been a while since I've been on the boards, but I do need the advice of you wise folks.

I have been asked to do a cake that is covered in Royal blue Fondant. I can't seem to find a pre-coloured Fondant in the right shade. Is there a way I can make my own fondant into Royal blue? I'm not sure what colours I would have to combine to get that rich beautiful tone.


The attached picture will give you an idea of the colour I'm looking to achieve.


Any help will be greatly appreciated! TIA

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Wilton makes a royal blue color. Just add it a small amount at a time to your fondant until you achieve the color you want.
Make your own.  Michelle Foster's recipe, google it and add your color before you add your powdered sugar.  Just buy royal blue color, gel Americolors are my favorite.

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