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Okay - So I bought  a macaroon pan , as I piped mine and they  were far too big - Highly delicious though !

Me being me , I didnt grease my macaroon pan before using it. My macaroons became a huge mess >.< since it was sugar and eggs whites - easy to clean though !

My question is - What do I grease my pan with ? As it is egg whites , I do not really want to use butter :S

Any help appreciated !

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My first attempt at raspberry macaroon - hand piped - recipe said 30 rounds - i got 16 :P so made 8 cookies


Hi Stacey.  You don't grease a pan for macaroons, you need to line it with non stick baking parchment.  They should peel off that no problem.  

Hi Stacey! You can grease it with shortening. Do not use butter for it will burn the pan. Hope this will help

I bake my macaroons on a silpat silicone mat.  No need for added shortning or anything and they come out amazing!


Was wondering what kind of macaroon pan you purchased??? I have not seen an actual pan.  I have a whoopie pie pan that would be too big for macaroons.  Love these little morsels!  They are soooo good!

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