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I have a cake order this week for a three tier stacked round cake in ivory bc with green and brown camo ribbon around the base of each tier.  I am looking for a unique or interesting way to cover the cake board.  I considered covering it in ivory fondant and then decorating the fondat somehow, but I'm not really thrilled by that idea and I don't even know how I would decorate it.  Anybody got any creative ideas out there?

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Hi Misty.  Personally, I always think less is more.  Something fairly simple for the board makes the cake stand out more and looks classier.  If you are putting camo ribbon around the tiers, what about covering the board in ivory fondant as you suggest and then trim the edges of the board in camo ribbon too?  What is the occasion for the cake - perhaps that would have some bearing on the style for the board also?
It's a wedding cake for a very outdoorsy couple
What if you made it look like a forest floor, with small fondant leaves and twigs?
Eileen- I'm not sure I would know how to do that, but I like the idea.

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