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I am looking for anyone with personal experience on QUIET air compressors. I currently have a very LOUD little rectangle (when my son was sleeping he thought it was a lawn mower ). Since I am a hobby decorator I do all my work at home so there is no ambient noise and this little 3"X5" device just isn't working out.  I have seen a few online that show 47 decibles but I am not sure if that is quiet enough.

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There are several things to consider in this purchase. I have a small tankless compressor from Harbor Freight. They are a tool supplier and make very inexpensive items. It is quiet but since it does not have an air tank that fills and then releases air as you use it, it is always running. Even though it's quiet, I'd rather not hear that (takes me out of my cake Zen-mode) and it wiggles it's way across the table. I usually use my Porter Cable pancake compressor-called so because of the shape of the air tank. It is much louder, but it takes about 5 minutes to fill and then the motor shuts off. I leave it in the garage and run 50' of hose to the kitchen to airbrush. It may kick on once to refill, but since it's out in the garage, not a problem. The original use of this is for a woodworking nail gun, but I like a multi-tasking tool. Way overkill for cake decorating, but since I have it, it works for me.

The little compressors designed for airbrush guns also seem very overpriced to me.

Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I didn't think of the hose going outside the house. AWESOME!!

on the subject of airbrushes, I just bought a cheap one at Harbor Freight and a can of propellant to go with it. I also purchased Duff's airbrush paint, do I have to dilute the paint when I put it into the jar? I'm gonna try and airbrush fondant for the first time!!

I have never diluted airbrush color. I have worked at both neighborhood bakeries and grocery stores and we never diluted the airbrush color. I always used an airbrush where the color loaded from the top of the airbrush (little funnel cup) so I don't know if there is a difference with jar fed color.

Thanks Glenda! will use it directly then, hoping to post pics later!

Finally bought a new airbrush kit. After carefull consideration I now have a Grex XT package. It came with an awesome airbrush and very quiet 1/8 HP piston air compressor. It is a dual airbrush and the compressor is on demand so it doesn't run unless you are actually using air. It is also has a moisture trap and comes with a DVD which shows proper cleaning of your airbrush. Will post pics when I use it. You can see demos at Lisa Berczel is the artist that Grex is working with. I told my son I used my new airbrush today and he said, "I didn't even hear it". Problem solved and now I have a great airbrush too.


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