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Yesterday I finished to decorating cake for a dear friend, while I was finished they told me the party was for next saturday and not today!!!! Because of the snow.

Now, the cake is a sponge cake with butter cream (only butter and sugar, no eggs),  it is in the refrigerator, do you think we can eat it on saturday?

I know the butter cream and sugar paste retain the moisture of the cake...

Please can you help me.

I poste the photo too

Thank you

Maria Cristina

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If you can, place it in a box then wrap it in seran wrap/cling wrap.This will keep in the moisture in the butetrcream and cake as well-the box is just so the wrap doesnt hit your beautiful cake!. Then place it in the fridge.It should be fine for just the one week as long as it is wrapped up. This is what I have gathered from many different forums, pages-like wilton etc. becuase i have had to do the same thing. though i use marshmallow fondant on my cakes, i still wrapped it and it was fine the next weekend. and i am sure buttercream will work the same. good luck and hope this works for you because like i said, it is a beautiful cake!

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