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does anyone know the best way to stop lavendar icing colors from turning blue.  I would tint my fondant with lavendar colo, i have used a few name brands, but after it sits 24hours it always turns blue, someone told me to put a little hot pink in with it but that turns it from lavendar to lilac color.  Iam looking for a true lavendar that will stay lavendar.  Ideas are welcomed, please comment. 

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Is it possible that you may be adding a little too much?  Which brand have you used? Also Satin Ice fondant comes in a lavendar color fondant.

 i dont know if it is possible to add too much meera, i just add enough to get to the color tint i needed. I suppose from now on if i need a lavendar color Satin ice would be the way to go because if i make it my self  have been told that lavendar will turn when it comes in contact with the lights.  thnx for replying

thnx so much deah

One trick I've used is to keep the fondant in a dark place.  I made a "dark cupboard" in my corner hutch (which has glass fronts) by attaching a piece of washable black felt to the shelf above so it drapes in front of the shelf I store my fondant on. This is really effective at keeping purples and pinks from fading so quickly.  They will fade over time, but not in the day or two that it can happen typically if your fondant is exposed to light (on your counter, for instance).  I will also dust flowers that may have faded to give them the color I want.  Global Sugar Art sells reasonably priced dusting powders in a ton of colors, including a variety of purples, and they work really well.  Good luck!

thanks eileen, i have used the petal and luster dust on the flowers, and as a matter of fact i have purple flowers i have been working on for a few weeks, and they have not faded. I do like the idea of the dark cupboard.   I have a gift box due friday and wanted to make the colors lavendar and brown.  I purchased some lavendar candy melts and was gonna test them tonite to see if the modeling chocolate will fade, if no,t i will use them to cover the cake instead. thank you for taking the time.

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