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I wanted to make my cousin a Laptop Birthday Cake, but i'm not sure how to make the screen of the laptop that thin and staying upright? Any Suggestions?


Thank You



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hi Harman you can try and do it with rice crispies treats,

or make  it a dummy cake



If I were making the screen, I would use either cardboard or foamcore board.  Since the keyboard is the only part that needs to be cake.  I use foamcore alot in my cakes, even as a base.  Good luck!

foamcore sounds like a great idea.  Lightweight and easy to cover with fondant


This is a silly question but what is foamcore?
I use foam all the time.  Used it yesterday in my sons cake very lightweight and it stands up well.  Be sure to use dowels though.
Harman - you can find foamcore board in the craft section of most mega stores (like Wal-Mart), office supply stores (like Office Max or Office Depot), or craft stores (like Michael's).  Some people call it "Display board".  It's basically 1/4" foam board with posterboard on either side.  Very lightweight and sturdy.  Good luck with your cake!
Great! Thanks I'm going to go to Micheal's and get the foamcore/display board.

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