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I need to make this cake but with a number "2".  Found it on the internet and it said the number was made with crushed oreos. 

I'm wondering,,,is the number just on plain cake with no frosting and filled in with oreos? I'm stumped on this one.

I'd like to know what you all think and how you would make this. Thanks so much.

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Louise, to me it looks like they just crushed oreo's & spread them on a frosted cake, then just marked off the "one" like a garden row. Mounded them up little. Does that make sense??

I agree with Betty.

Me too.  They've piped the grass around the 1.  Very cleverly done.

I am in agreement!  It appears that the ice was frosted and the cookies and piping added on top.  I would do it that way using a chocolate crusting buttercream.

Thanks everyone, I'll do it your way!!!!  I'll post a picture.  The cake is for next week.

Here is the cake I did. 16"x16" all buttercream.  Number 2 made with crushed oreos.

Thanks for all your help everyone!


I know your client was thrilled, Louise!  Your cake is better than the original.

Thanks alot! It was a fun cake to make.

 Great job Louise...I agree, I like it better too.

That looks wonderful!

Louise, that is really, really good.  So neat and yes, better than the original!

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