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This was my sisters 40th Birthday cake.  Zebra print high heel shoe and cake.  Shoe was made from flower paste and dried on a foam mould made by myself.  Flowers were used for the heel again from flower paste.  Label = edible icing sheet and finished with pearl lustre.

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This is not the correct way to enter the contest.  You must upload  the picture as you normally do your other cakes.  You then enter the description and in the  lower right hand side there is a place named tags.  There you enter fashion15.  Once that is done, then we can feature your cake & enter it in the contest.  Thank you

Chet - I see you have still not amended your entry as indicated above by Goreti.  If you do not do so, please be aware that you will not be entered into the competition.  Thanks

Chet, the time is running out to enter the contest.  Please make the necessary changes in order to be entered in the contest.  Thank you.

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