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It's Arrived......Our Cricut Cake Test Machine Came in Today

So this afternoon someone told me that a box from Provo Craft has been sitting by the freight door all day.  I ran to see what they were talking about.  Sure enough, IT IS HERE!!!!!  Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Cakes we Bake friends and family, we are officially testing a Cricut Cake in daily retail production. 


For those of you who would like to know if the Cricut Cake is just a glorified Cricut Expression, we will know soon.  We currently run 4 Cricut Expressions in daily production to the tune of 6 to 8 hours on a busy day - so the Cricut Cake will have to prove itself.


I posted the first pictures of the Cricut Cake below and will post frequent updates over the next few days on our website at


I am soooooooooooooo excited and can't wait to share.


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Thanks everyone. My blog will not only be about the cricut, but any new cutting edge product/ method used in cake decorating. Hope everyone will join me on the ride. If anyone would like me to try anything with either machine, please let me know. I don't mind testing either to the limits. I will only post results and let you form your own opinions.
Jennifer, I am so loving your information! I have been playing with the idea of getting one but not sure. I have the Cricut Expression that I use for paper crafts and I know you can use it for cakes too BUT.... I will NOT use the machine for both cake and paper... I just do not believe that would be Food safe. So..... I placed my order today from my friend who ia an authorized dealer from Provo Craft. She told me I can pre-order and it will be released in either April or May....
I have several cartridges already and want to look into the sure cuts alot program which you can also use.

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