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Going to be taking on a Brand new challenge that my husband and i have never done b4, how much sugar do we need to Boil to make isomalt for next months big cake ???? we have seen it on cake boss , buddy made an aquarium cake & make coral , by boiling i think sugar,  putting color in it and pouring it on to ice, and it looked so cool , it made coral

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     You can also buy Isomalt sticks (in colors) just melt them down and use them any way you want.  You can ckeck it out at:  You can also do the same effect with chocolate melts/candy coating and the ice (it's just not transparent like the isomalt).


Isomalt is not made from sugar.  You buy the isomalt crystals and then boil them with water, similar to a sugar syrup, but it doesn't yellow as much as sugar.  Isomalt is much more expensive and not readily available in stores, so you may have to order it online.  Good luck. 

Isomalt crystals and isomalt sticks stand up better in the humidity.  I made an pulled sugar recipe and the items broke down in the TN humidity.  The Isomalt hold up much better so you can make things a few days in advance.  You just shouldn't eat a lot of it, you will be running to the bathroom if you eat it in large quantities.  lol



I understand what your all saying but cant afford to buy isomalt right now so we have  to use sugar , so do i just boil a certain amount of sugar & water  & color together, then pour over ice ?

I haven't tried this recipe, it was in my files, but I'm sure you can reduce the recipe for a smaller batch.  I don't know if it will work for what you want, though.  You can probably skit the last two steps, dipping pan in cold water, and pulling.

Boiled Sugar Recipe

32 oz (2 pounds granulated sugar)
16 oz (2 Cups water)
8 oz (1 Cup glucose or light corn syrup)
2 Level Teaspoons Cream of Tartar

Before starting fill your sink full of cold water.

Bring sugar and water to a boil over low heat stirring constantly until the sugar has dissolved. When the water comes to a boil stop stirring and do not stir anymore after this.Add your candy thermometer at this point.And raise the heat to medium.

With a pastry brush and and warm water constantly wash down the sides of the pan. This prevents sugar crystals from forming and getting into your sugar mixture. These crystals could cause your mixture to recrystallize later.

When the temperature reaches 285F add the glucose or light corn syrup and the cream of tartar dissolved in a tablespoon or two of water.Continue cooking to 305F.

Remove from the heat and allow the bubbles to subside then plunge your pan into the sink full of cold water for 10 seconds make sure the water comes half way up the sides of the pan. Dry the sides and bottom of the pan well after removing it from the sink do not want that water in your sugar mixture!

Now you can pour it out onto a greased marble slab or cookie sheet or silpat. Silpats do not have to be greased but I have found it is easier if they have a light coat of vegetable oil on them.

Begin turning the outer edges of the sugar toward the center of the mass.Continue doing this all the way around the edges and moving the sugar around this hastens cooling.As soon as the sugar is cool enough to handle pick it up and begin pulling it. As you pull double it and pull agian. I would not pull it more than 20 times as over pulling will cause recrystallization.The sugar will take on a silky sheen.

At this point you place it under your heat lamp until ready for use.

I've tried that recipe... VERY sticky - but it works. Don't burn yourself.. sugar burns are the worst. 




Jaci the technique you are referring to is using isomalt. if you pour hot sugar syrup into the ice it will solidify but because it is wet it will start disolving right away. A safer alterative would be to melt colored candy melts and pour into a bucket of crushed ice. You will get the coral sculptures  in the colors you choose and you wont have to worry about the sugar melting. Using regular table sugar wont work well in humid climates because right after you make them they become sticky. That is why you use isomalt. I know because I live in FL and I have been using it all summer. If you want to talk to me about it just send me a message.
You have to go Isomalt.  When pouring over ice, the sugar is in contact with so much moisture regular sugar will break down quickly.  I worked with Buddy and did his Lava Rocks on Cake Bodd for the WWE cake this past season. Trust me isomaly is the way to go

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