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Dose anyone know anything about isomalt sticks. Any infortmations is greatly thanks. I wanted tostartworking with it for my next cake for the 17th. Can I make it into spirals to hold up fondant flowers?

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Gee Shirley

Did you order it from this site???? If so, you need to contact Theresa, the owner of the site. The suppliers on this site should be trustworthy. If not, they shouldn't be allowed to sell/advertise on here.

Sorry to say Shirley, if they have your money, you will have a hard time getting it back. Hopefully, if you put it on a credit card, contact the credit card company, they should go after the seller if they have defaulted providing the merchandise.

I had something similar happen only it was with Cake Central. I ordered the magazine subscription last January or February (2011) and never received any paper copies. They had my $60.00 dollars and I went round and round with the office person. She made promises that were never kept  and I tried to get my money back, etc. Well, finally!!! After all the rigamarole going round and round with them, I got my first magazine this February....but it's not a paper copy! They went with digital instead! I won't order any more magazine subscriptions from them again. I'll go through Barnes and Noble-never had any problems getting books and magazines from them. I'm sorry, Shirley that you are having issues, because having been there/done that, I know first hand just how frustrating it is.

Shirley Wilson said:

Did anyone order the Sassie gun and Isomalt sticks from I pre-ordered in August and the darned thing still isn't here. I keep emailing and getting back excuses from the seller. All promises of a date when they would be sent, still waiting and in the meantime she has my $80.00 that I could use. I have given her till the end of this month and then I want my money refunded. They did send the sticks and I can melt them and use them for other things, but I was so interested in using the gun to make jewels and dangling chandelier drops. Very frustrating!

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