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Dose anyone know anything about isomalt sticks. Any infortmations is greatly thanks. I wanted tostartworking with it for my next cake for the 17th. Can I make it into spirals to hold up fondant flowers?

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i know has alot of really good information and alot of go to videos to see good luck
CakePlay isomalt sticks are great! Just microwave them and you can pour the melted isomalt into any shape you want, including spirals. Go to to see lots of examples and instructions. Good luck!
Thanks for your help. I am excited about using them for my next cake
There is a cake club in Ocala, Florida called obviously Ocala Cake Club and they work with isomalt alot. They are on Facebook and are generous with there suggestions. I would try them.
Oh cool I will have to try and add them...I just can't seem to find anything on it other than the cake play website.
You can also log on to to see a free step-by-step tutorial for using the isomalt sticks. Just add your name and e-mail to the boxes where indicated. Once CakeFu sends you a link, watch the Peggy Tucker tutorial. She shows you exactly how to make a free-standing sculpture with the CakePlay isomalt sticks.
Is this a real website?

yes it is and it is pretty cool



I tried it. It saids it has nothing at this time.
It's weird
Try copying and pasting this link into your browser:

New video tutorials have been added to the CakePlay website! Just log on to and click on the Information page.

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