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Wondering if any IPod users are having the same problem I am experiencing. Every time I log into CWB with my IPod, this annoying banner appears at the bottom of the page. Doesn't happen on my computer. So, ok, I X it out. But when I leave one page to another, it pops right back up!!!! SOooo irritating.
I thought it was just my IPod, but I used my husbands and it did the same thing. GRrrrrrrr
Can't figure out how to permanently disable the darn thing.
Open to suggestions???

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Way out of my comfort zone here June, sorry.  Is there a main settings page that allows you block all popups or something similar (stabbing in the dark here lol).

Good question Katy. Will have to poke around in settings and see.  So weird cause I have been going on the CWB site  using my IPod for 2 yrs. +. Never had a problem.   

I have been having issues with my Iphone ever since the new phones came out with the new upgrade for apple.... I  want my old version back...:(

Well I'm no techie. I went into settings as Katy suggested, but couldn't fugue anything out!!!

not happening on my new iphone 5 but i think possibly cos it logs straight into the mobile site rather than the desktop version and just checked that too but still nothing maybe its something to do with being me being in the uk?  anyone else got any ideas.

Thanks Les for your input.

I don't have to have desktop, but that's what I prefer.

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