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Hi girls:

can you tell me more about what or how internship in bakeshops, particularly cake decorating works? I was watching amazing wedding cakes etc., and i heard the word intern all the time. What are the qualifications or requirements to be accepted as one? Do you know of anyone, bakeshop, decorators out there who are accepting interns? i would love to get into one hopefully after i finish my cake decorating classes. thanks a bunch!!!

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Internship suggest some sort of formal training. Those "interns" on the cake shows are probably well educated individuals just about ready to graduate from culinary schools.

I don't have any experience with this but I've heard others say "Why would I train my competetion?" If that is the general consensus then you may have trouble finding an intership.
Deah is correct about interns who are near graduation, internships are usually a requirement before graduation from a culinary/pastery school (actually internships are used in many vocational training schools) and it is usually the school who works with business owners to get their students into an internship.
Oh, i see now, this is similar to apprenticeship that i took together with my culinary course back home. I am a Food Service graduate, it is a two year culinary course but we did not do any cake decorating.We had 1000 hours of apprenticeship at 4 different restaurants. I was able to browse over BonnieGordons school in Toronto, they do accept interns even if you are not a graduate of their courses. The only problem i have is that i live here in America. It would probably illegal for me to do internship there. thanks..appreciate it.

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