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Instructions for Ornament/Mini Round Cakes a.k.a Temari Cakes

I am quite fascinated by these cakes which were done by Maki Searle. Here is the link:

Does anyone have any idea how to go about creating such beautiful works of art? Are there any tutorials, probably books, videos or step by step instructions on how to create these mini round cakes?    I really admire her for the details and wonder how she covered those cakes in fondant and even got them to stay put…hmmm?

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Would love to know how to do these too!! So beautiful!!

Wow those are beautiful!  I have never seen anything like that before, they look like giant cake pops!

Bauble cakes are popular in UK - Lindy Smith runs workshops.

They are real cake not smooshed cake/icing like cake pops ..

This is a video done by a member of the British Sugarcraft Guild of United Kingdom. . .



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