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If something happens on this site and you decide to leave, please send me a message so we can talk about it before you leave. Once you leave, I have no way to get in contact with you. I would like to address any problems that occur here and I want everyone to be happy.

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Hi Theresa, just wanted to say what a fab site,to me it is like going to evening classes love it and hope to spend a lot of my spare time on it maybe as time goes on i will be able to post some pictures of my work,yous all seem to be like one big family,i hope to join the chatroom when i have a little more knowledge.thank you you should be very proud of yourself.their are a lot of very beautifulcakes on here well done to all of you i only hope that one day i will be half as good.thank you.
OMG, I love this place and everyone in it!! I'm a fairly new member, and even tho I've done cakes for over 25 years (seems like I was a newbie for most of those years too...LOL) I still get awesome ideas and tips, and I try to come on every day to see what's new or to just browse thru the cake pics. I found this place when I posted a cake pic on the Cake Boss site on facebook, and I have never regretted joining!!!

I am new here and cannot figure out how you have slipped thru my google for this long.

Ditto what the other members have shared.

We all know the sites out there that are full of trolls and other nasties.

I should know, as I got caught up and said some ugly things before I closed my membership on one and left in tears from another.

Not proud of it, but it is what it is.

I have already decided this is a safe, nurturing place and have sent links to some fellow cakers!

Ok, off my chest and feeling better.


And the pix!

Some very talented members here!



Hi Theresa,


This site is fantastic for a newbie like me.  I have to get on this site every day to check out the new pictures, discussions and advise.  Now I look for an excuse to bake.  I am addicted to it, thanks a ton.



I have to agree too.....sometimes I find myself up very late at night reviewing videos, pictures, and just reading forums and what issues others are having and all the solutions.....everyone has been so helpful....whenever I have had a question..I always get feedback right away...keep up the good work....I will always be a member.....I am looking right now on ideas for my mother'sbirthday cake for his far...I am making a heart shaped layer cake....the flavor is carrot w/cream cheese frosting (her request) but I told her I will be covering it with fondant....I have new toys to play with...The Mat (can't wait to use that) and I also have the new Cricut Cake mini....I will post a picture once it is done.....

It is good to have such a family feeling to any site.  I don't visit often but plan on coming more:)

Yes, it's great to re-inforce our good feelings to Terri for creating this site, however please understand the reason for this thread.

*IF* someone upsets you for *any* reason please, please don't just quiet without letting her know what happened/the reason you are upset.

We all need to have some critical comments occasionally to help us grow in our decorating efforts.  If I have made/make any comments that upset you PLEASE let me know and let's try to talk it out in a christian fashion - lovingly. 

Just today I added a comment on a cake entered into the figure piping contest.  The cake is *LOVELY!*, well done BUT.......does not have any figure piping on it :(   My comment was *NOT INTENDED to hurt your feelings*; just to point out it does not meet the requirements of this perticular contest.  I also saw several other entries that do not really meet the actual deffination of 'figure piped' :(

I have added 6 or 7 cakes I did that do have figure piping just to show what figure piping really is.  It is the 3-d creation of figures using only buttercream icing out of a pastry bag.  Figure piping is not the creatiion of figures using fondant/gumpaste; royal icing/colorflow; or other mediums. 


This is a very good point, Lynne. The goal of the site is to give people an outlet to learn and you just can't learn if people don't tell you when you make a mistake. That's how it works in school. What we do need to remember to be respectful and everyone here is capable of that. Sometimes the way things are phrased in print comes across differently than intended and can be misunderstood. But, I for one know that there are times when I unintentionally hurt someone's feelings. Heck, we never mean to do it on purpose. Okay, not most of us. Sometimes we don't realize how something sounded and we meant it a completely different way. But, the point of this thread is I need to know if something malicious is going on with one particular person or several people and whether it was a one time occurrence or happening repeatedly. Or is it something about the site in general that you don't like? All of this information helps me make it better and make sure the offenses don't reoccur.

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