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If I make a cake on Wednesday will it still be good for Saturday?

I have a cake order for Saturday and they want me to make on Wednesday night do you think it will be good for that long it will be a white cake with buttercream icing? Thanks Chrystal

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I have done that before.. The cake will be fine. Just cover it with saran wrap and put in the fridge. I do it all the time, I make sure and give my cakes plenty of time to settle. Good luck!
My boss wanted me to make it for her little girls birthday party for Saturday and she is off on Fridays so I was gonna try and make it Wednesday night.

Amanda B said:
That's a tough one. I suppose if it's completely iced it would last, but personally I wouldn't bake until Thursday night, earliest. Did they say why they wanted you to bake it so early?
I always bake my cakes on Wednesday... crumb coat them on Thurday and cover them with fondant and decorate them on friday.. I do not decorate them and let them sit all decorated that long though.... I spend a lot of all night sessions on Friday nights!

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