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my son whats this for his birthday and i have a good idea how to do it..but i would love the hear others..i tend to do things the hard way ...any and all input will be wonderful

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cute cake,,I would make the egg out of rice crispies,, THis is a Debbie Brown cake,, they have books that show you how to make these DOnt know how much detail they give though,, Im sure you will do a great job,, looks like your very talented
thanks i was thinking of useing the large ball pan for the egg and body and rice crispies for the head ,feet,tail, so i can get better detail...i will look for that book thanks a bunch
i've done this 1 b4 but w/out the egg. u can make the egg out of a styro ball cut in half then just cover it in fondant.
I'd use the ball pan for sure! Looks like 3 of the 1/2 ball pans. What a cute idea.... have you googled Debbie Brown's website to see if she has ideas?
well i did google and bing and was unable to find anything other they her book to buy..and i think i might...but i need this cake for saturday so no time to life stroy..hehehe...any way i have the cakes baked and the rice crispies done so i am just going to see what i can do with with i have and what the pic shows me....i hope it turns out .....i will post if it goes well...heheheh thanks to everyone for your help
Have fun and best of luck!!!
it is done ...tell me what u think!!!!!

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