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I saw this page on goggle and I like it but for those of us that did not have the opportunity to attend classes,pls can we get your dvd tapes and books for us to buy online.I love doing cakes but am not all that good.

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Pls tell me what to type and search for.I mean the name
YouTube is also a great reference! I start the Wilton class #1 next week and am taking a cupcake course on Wednesday. Otherwise I am completely self taught. I'm not great, but I do get complements about my work. Just use the search bar and put in cake decorating. Soo many videos on cake decorating, starting from how to ice a cake to how to make gumpaste flowers.

Is there anything specific that you want to learn?  If there is let me know and I will help you find a tutorial.

Thanks Goreti,yes I like to learn about figurines,modelling and gumpaste.Recipes and how to
Thanks Jackie.

What page is it? You can learn cake decorating for free in Facebook- search for Decorator Secrets and in youtube. Just type the word Decorator Secrets when you are logged in to Facebook then type then search for any tutorials you want to watch.

Thanks maria,I will do that now

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