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I got an email confirmation from Cake Central to tell me that my cake was going to be featured in Cake Central Magazine! I'm on page 138 - 139. How exciting! I always wanted to write a book, but this will do nicely!

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At my cake club our Admin offers us her old magazines. I brought some home, but I never really looked. Never bothered again. I prefer purusing the internet.   I am like you, if I find a online tutorial I can print, I do. I much prefer the step by step.  I was given a set of Jem Cutters for flowers, but no detailed instructions came with it. I finally found a the companion book published in the 80's on Amazon, so I bought it. In black and white, but very detailed. I like sugarteachersblogspot..... that's a cool site. I am also a member of  $30 USD a year. Can't beat that. Online tutorials, recipes, etc. and Melissa the owner of the site, will contact you if you have questions.

To be honest, I really don't know what cake publications we have here in Canada, I've never really looked. For you, yes I see being in business it is important to keep up with the trends. It is just a hobby for me.  I don't know how you do it with 4 kids??  I have made a cake or cupcakes every week for 4 weeks and I am just about caked out. My niece wanted a cake for this wknd, which is thanksgiving for us here. I declined cause I'm caked out!!!!  Hee Hee   Making lemon meringue pie & Katy's Apple cake she published here the other day. Easy Breezy.  :o)


Way to go, Bettina! Congrats!!

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