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A customer of mine wants a Harry Potter themed birthday cake.  He wants an open book (no problem) with Harry from the shoulders up holding his wand coming out of the book.  Any ideas on how to create this?  Thanks!

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For a smaller cake I would use modeling chocolate, but if they're looking for a larger one you may have to carve Harry out of a semi frozen cake.  I've learned that when carving cakes as long as you get the general shape and focus on details (with fondant, piping, or painting) then it turns out pretty good.  The book and Harry will most likely have to be two separate pieces.  If you carve an indent into the book the size of the base of Harry's upper body and leave a little excess fondant you can then rag those edges and make it look like he's ripping through the pages. Hope this helps.  Good Luck!
Thanks for your help!  I will be starting this cake on Wednesday.  I did try to make a head out of RKT's last night.  It may work since Harry won't be huge.  I've never tried modeling chocolate to mold a figure before but wouldn't mind trying.  Thanks again!
I have no advice but I can't wait to see pictures of the cake!

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