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I just received an email from Jackie at Cake Central, she has asked me if I'd be interested in being in the magazine!!! 
Ooooh, hmmmmm, let me think about that a moment. I mean I have to wash my hair, get my hair cut, get the kids to school, organise to get the cat neutered .....I think I can fit it in.

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That's fantastic Linda well done you! OK firstly, it's a love job. If you do it, it's to get your cake in the magazine and your name in print, so any expenses involved are your own. The hardest part of the whole thing is deciding on the design.
Secondly; the rest is easy, Make the cake, get it photographed then go to the link in the email submit your details upload the photos and you're done. The photo quality needs to be 300dpi. You will then receive a confirmation that the photos and information has been received. The only thing I found difficult was waiting to see which issue it was going to be in. They didn't tell me that so I kept checking to see if it was this one or that one.
Once the magazine is available for download, you'll get an email with a link so you can download a complimentary copy. It also will tell you where in the magazine it has been featured.

Linda Wolff said:

Bettina, I just received an e-mail two days ago from Jackie as well for the same reason. I am curious...did you receive any compensation for your photo shoot and the cake baking supplies? I wrote back to her yesterday telling her that for the next couple of months I am not available. I just got another e-mail this morning from her asking if in the future I could be available. Could you tell me what to expect?

Well done to both of you. I am very proud of my new found friends, you both deserve the recognition!

Hey Linda - just seen this.  Excellent news - they clearly have good taste asking both you and Bettina.  I do hope you will find the time to do it in the future, your work is so amazingly great.

I totally agree Katy. Both Linda & Bettina are self taught. Something to aspire to. :0)

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