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I do not know how to make those pom pom like flowers any suggestions?

I have a request for this cake I do not know what to do for those flower like thinks on the side of the cake any suggestions?

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Hi Hope,

I have never made them but I did find this tutorial on facebook for you.  Hope it helps.

thank- you very much, it looks pretty straight forward, hopefully I can make it work


Hi Hope,

Do you think these are fondant or buttercream?  If they're fondant, then I definitely think Goreti's link is your answer, and probably the easiest option.  The other way I would suggest would be to ice them from buttercream, using a ruffle tip and pipe round in circles at a 45 degree angle.  you can get ruffle tips in various sizes (I have sizes 101, 103 and 104).  Probably best to do these on a flower nail, let them dry, then add to the cake as it could be tricky to pipe straight on to the cake.  There is a tutorial on youtube that gives this kind of effect

thanks that would work too, but I think I am going to use the fondant ones as my piping is a little wonky

Don't blame you - fondant has to be the easier option!

Try using a wired carnation tutorial - it will provide a base to attach it to the side of the cake:


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