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Does anyone know how to shape the belly with boobs baby shower cake where you put a dress over it.

I was thinking of putting a round cake with 2 smaller rounds on the top. Is this the best way?

They are really cute.

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I made one and used a glass pyrex  bowl for the belly and two smaller ones for the boobs. I kind of carved the belly to shape. Its in my photos. Hope that helps.
Hi, I've made 3 belly cakes and there all different in size. You can make the base by a 14"round or 12"round. I usually go 3 layers with the 14"or 12" then do an 9"or 8"layers on top. You do need to carve a little to get the shape you want though. I don't like using the bowl to bake my belly in because I cannot stand cutting the layers and filling that way. the boobs however I just use the cake scraps and mash them with BC and form the boobies. Just make sure your cakes are frozen prior to carving:) hope this helps
I have made 2 belly cakes. I used stainless steel bowls for both the belly and boobies. they were so easy a little bit of shaping for the belly,but not much. I do have pictures but my computer is on dial-up. Just takes too long to upload!
I use my pyrex bowl for the belly and for the boobs I use my small pryrex bowls that are about 1 or 2 cups in size.. not sure the size but the work perfect.
I used a stainless steel bowl for my pregnant belly cake. And used the small ball pan for her boobs. You can see it on my page.

Thanks, I made it already and was so beautiful. And it was soo much easier than I thought.


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