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Can anyone tell me how to make gold paint for trim accents on fondant?  I have several different kinds of gold dust - Wilton Luster Dust and Duff's for starters.  I have tried several times mixing the dust with alcohol, as I have read on line to do, and it is just like putting sand in water.  It does not dissolve and is not usable.  What am I doing wrong??  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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that the only recipe I have for gold piping for paint I use actex gold luster dust !
Paige said:

I have used Crystal Colors Crystalized Pearl in Bright Silver mixed with VERY LITTLE alcohol and it has worked wonderfully.

I live in NJ and usually order from Global Sugar Art, they are based in upstate NY and usually deliver super fast.

Perhaps worth a try! Let us know what works for you

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