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Can anyone tell me how to make gold paint for trim accents on fondant?  I have several different kinds of gold dust - Wilton Luster Dust and Duff's for starters.  I have tried several times mixing the dust with alcohol, as I have read on line to do, and it is just like putting sand in water.  It does not dissolve and is not usable.  What am I doing wrong??  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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Hey Sandra
I have a recipe saved somewhere in my plethora of cake info from Gail on here for gold/silver piping. It's a combo of RI, piping gel and lustre dust. I'm sure you could use it to "paint" instead of piping. I'll search and when I find it, I'll post it here.

I saw that, June, and wondered if I could use it.  I have seen a dozen videos on-line that says to mix alcohol with gold luster dust.  I have several different kinds and none of them work.  When I try to mix the dust with alcohol, the result is just a pile of wet grit.  Looks almost like cornmeal.  I think I have a curse on me :o(

Actually, if I want more of a "paste", I use pure lemon oil/extract. Doesn't evaporate, and the lustre dust seems to mix/dissolve and doesn't seem gritty.
Found it Sandra:
Piping in Gold and Silver from Gail
I found this a while ago, don't remember where but I saved it and never tried it.
"saw a few posts asking how to make gold and silver for piping.....found this recipe and thought I would share it:

2 ts. Powdered sugar
2 ts. gold silver or metallic dusting powder
clear alcohol
1 ts. piping gel

On a small ceramic plae, mix sugar and dusting powder. Add a few drops of clear alcohol (gin or vodka is suggested) and mix with a small palette knife to create a stiff paste

Add the piping gel, a little at a time, mixing well until the consistency for piing in reached. Use a very small piping bag and tip as needed. The leftovers can be put into a small container and stored in the refrigerator. It will keep indefinitely YOU NEED 4 GRAMS FOR THIS ! PLUS YOU CAN ADD MORE POWDER SUGAR , YOU WILL LOVE IT !

Thank you June and Goreti!  June, I will try the lemon extract instead of my cheap booze, which is 95% alcohol - 190 proof.

Goreti, I watched your video again yesterday and I WILL be buying airbrush gold color as a mixing medium the next time I go to town.  

Thank you both.

Thanks, again, June.  I will definitely give Gali's recipe a try, as well.

Thanks for posting the YouTube video Goreti. I noticed that Rose says in the video, she doesn't use lemon juice. But lemon oil extract is NOT lemon juice. Totally different. Make sure Sandra that the bottle of extract says "pure lemon oil". My lemon extract was twice the price of the brand with artificial lemon in it, because it contained real lemon oil and not the fake stuff.
But I like the idea of a base of airbrush colour. You could use any colour, brown, yellow, blue, etc., and add your lustre dust....but the lemon oil works well too....and a lot chaper...

I use quick dry essence - pour out a tsp in a tot glass - dip my brush in the essence then dip the brush into the dust and paint onto fondant - small firm strokes.

But I also try to make my fondant color the closest shade to the dust that I can.

Thank you, Nirosha.  Good tip about coloring the fondant prior to painting gold.  I will give both techniques a try.

I have used Crystal Colors Crystalized Pearl in Bright Silver mixed with VERY LITTLE alcohol and it has worked wonderfully.

I live in NJ and usually order from Global Sugar Art, they are based in upstate NY and usually deliver super fast.

Perhaps worth a try! Let us know what works for you

Thanks, Paige.  I will advise :o)

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