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Hi Everyone

I have been asked to make a 3d pony cake that looks like the picture below.  Does anyone have any hints or instructions on how to make it? 

I would rather not go down the RKT route with the head and make the whole think out of cake.

I am thinking that it needs to be a firmer cake to stand up to the shaping, but that will make the head heavier.  Maybe I could put a 2 or 3 dowels in.  It needs to travel by car about half an hour.  Do you think it would hold up?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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Check these tutorials  They may help you.

What a great site!  Thank you so much - you have saved the cake!

I love that site. It is my go to and then if I don't find it there, I will look elsewhere.  

That site is wonderful!! Thank you because I am putting this site on favorites.  I can see how they made the 3D pony cake but can't read any of the writing.  What sizes are the cakes used in the one with the 3D pony cake? The long cake looks longer than a 13 x9 and the smaller cakes are they a 6inch? Just curious what others think they are./Thanks for the site/I appreciate it/Mary

Goretti saved me too by referring me to this site. It actually became an addiction now. When I have time on hand I always go to their tutorials. Goretti you are as shining star in my life!

Thanks everyone for your help - here is my attempt...

Wonderful job!  It is so cute.

Very good! I knew you would ace it!

I think lovelytutorials ought to pay Goreti commission - she must have doubled their hits!

It is awesome, thank you so much, I too was stuck on how to go about creating a 3d horse cake for a 50th. So now I have a plan a step by step plan....

You did an awesome job!!!wow 

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