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Need some advice please! Grrrrr.....had a request for a cake due this evening from a woman I have baked for a  number of times, and she has referred many people my way. She wanted a three tier cake, topsy turvy, bright and crazy, full of candy for her daughters birthday. She had the same thing for her daughters birthday last year so she knew what she was aking for. I purchased all the ingredients needed, including all the candy, which is quite costly. She sends me a message of Facebook yesterday afternoon asking if we can 'put a pause on the cake because it's madness here". In my mind, pausing the cake means you still want it but not yet.....wrong. I sent her a message back saying to let me know when she did want it. She sends me a note this morning telling me that only 5 girls are coming to her party so it's just way too much cake - can I make her a big cupcake cake intsead. Seriously??! I'm ready to scream. I have been too much time and money for nothing. ....

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I would love a squillion dollars!!!

I should probably start asking for deposits too.....nobody has ever burned me before like this and I guess I just trust everyone....

Just a squillion...... not a BEZILLION!!!! Hee Hee. :o)

Oh June...I don't want people to think I'm one of those crazy greedy cake ladies!!!! ;-)

Ok, Ok, Ok
Then just a gazillion..... and NOT a penny more!!!! :o)

Ok...that's fair!

June Kowalczyk said:

Ok, Ok, Ok
Then just a gazillion..... and NOT a penny more!!!! :o)

:o)   :o)    :o)     :o)

I started to say a gasquillion but thought that sounded like an exotic animal instead of a number!  heehee!

you know, I was thinking the same thing...... :)

but who knows really? maybe mom got the invites out late, could have been a lot of things.

I made my first fondant cake for my niece when she turned 9. at that point I didn't realize that I could ust add a bit of water to fondant when it dryed out. (we live in a very dry climate) so I just kept adding oil to it. the fondant kept sliding and I thought it looked terrible.

after all the problems and lack of sleep, I was nearly in tears when I got to her house. Before I unveiled the cake, I decided to prepare niece that this was a 'learning cake' and didnt' turn out to be as pretty as I wanted......

She just smiled and told me "that's OK! you didn't even have to do that!" and gave me such a sweet smile. when I took the cover off the cake my niece was so excited, squeeling with glee! her parents were in awe!

your story put me in mind of glad my niece has a better attitude than those people!

as many of the posts have pointed out, in general people have no idea the work involved, so I like to think it's not so much selfishness as they don't understand.

Glad the other cakes worked out!

Katy Nott said:

You know Joann, out of everything that you said here, guess what sticks out most to me?  The fact that the daughter only had 5 out of an expected 30 coming to her party.  mmmmm, now let me think, I wonder why that was?  Oh I know - perhaps nobody actually LIKES HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad you're feeling up beat again - you are great at what you do and clearly everyone knows that.

Amazing how people back down when they're stood up to isn't it..........

Joann Gottermeyer said:

Good afternoon here's what happened in condensed version. She's the type of person who wants what she wants and doesn't care what it costs, and who has to do it, and her teenage dtr is turning out just like her. Dtr couldn't decide what kind of cak she wanted so mom went the same route as last year. Day before party that was supposed to be 25/30 kids, only 5 are coming, so dtr pitches a decides she doesn't need a big cake for 5 kids and cancels order with no regard to my time or expenses for cake she ordered. Wanted me to do something completely different - including different flavor - for 24 hours later. Didn't want any of the candy already purchased because that wasn't what her (spoiled rotten, self centered) daughter wanted. "She wants a big cupcake cake!" Didn't seem to care that I had spent time and money (gee, wonder where the daughter gets her attitude from?) just knew what she wanted and had to have it by the next evening. Sorry, I can't help you- have three cakes to finish for people who have respect for me and what I do. Oh, and then she sends me a message on facebook telling me that she's still my number one fan. Uh huh.


I have baked for other people for years and have never bothered with deposits or anything like that because until now I have never had anyone treat me like this.....not certain I will ever take another order from her again, but if I do you can be sure I will get a deposit ahead of time. On a high note, the three cakes I did after this all turned out great - a 2 tier, a 3 tier, and a 4 tier - and the people who got them could not have been happier. Two referrals from people at those parties already this morning who are excited about getting cakes for their events.....I feel better! Have a great day everyone - thanks for the support and guys are awesome!! Happy caking!!

any idea what kind of cake the birthday girl actually ended up with?

if mom didn't understand you need more advanced warning, then I can understand why the daughter doesn't! maybe they'll learn!

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