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I have a request from a friend for a birthday cake for her hubby. The cake is for Saturday, but I would have to bake it on Tuesday or Wednesday morning and do the decorating on Wednesday. We are all going away for the weekend and we all be at our location on Thursday. So, my question is will the cake stay fresh that long? It will be a fondant covered cake and our mini-fridge in our room isn't big enough so it will have to kept at room temperature. I hate to go through all the work and then have the cake be stale.

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Hi Terry it really depends on the type of cake your making and i'm guessing it will be a sponge cake but as a general rule once covered in fondant I have found most cakes will keep fine once they're covered in fondant Just try and keep it in a fairly cool place,

I'm with Les.  you should have no problem - the fondant keeps the cake moist and fresh, just don't let it get too warm.  You could also coat the cake in a thin layer of warmed sieved jam before fondanting, this helps keep the cake nice too.  You say you have a mini fridge in your room, which sounds like you are staying in a hotel.  If so, ask them to store the cake for you, I usually find restaurants, hotels etc are very accommodating with this kind of thing.

Your cake will be perfectly fine for up to 5 days.  Just store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. My laundry room is actually my coolest spot. It is on the main floor of my house. of course, as long as I am not using my dryer...hee hee.

I agree with Katy - if you are staying at a hotel, ask if they have a cooler where you can store your cake.  We did this in Key West on our anniversary (after spending $85 on a 6" cake, I didn't want it to spoil!!) and the hotel was very accommodating.  Even stored our leftovers for us! 

With my bad head cold not sure my brain is functioning, so excuse a dumb question. If the hotel stores the cake without being wrapped properly, won't the fondant be damp & soggy when it comes to room temperature?

I refrigerate my fondant-covered cakes all the time.  Never had a problem so far.  Of course, I mostly use homemade marshmallow fondant - not sure how the store-bought stuff does in that circumstance.

Todo depende de la humedad del ambiente, exterior se mantienen muy en lugar fresco fuera de refrigeración por tres días, evitando usar cítricos para pegar la cubierta.

i put my fondant covered cakes in the fridge all the time. I love in Arizona so its to hot to leave it out. I use satin ice or fondex fondant. i never had it bleed. or get soggy. your best bet is make sure its in a box when in the fridge

For a Saturday delivery, I bake the Monday or Tuesday before and wrap the layers in plastic to store in the fridge. I like to decorate as close as possible to the event- assemble, crumb coat Thursday, fondant Friday. I have covered in fondant two days prior on bigger orders with no problems. If you keep it refrigerated when it's done it will be fine. Just allow time for it to come to room temperature before serving. My delivery and set up time of two hours on most orders usually does well- that depends on temperature and humidity. The cake will sweat when you take it from the fridge to a warm room, but the fondant will reabsorb the moisture. Just don't touch it! You will leave a nasty fingerprint.

hummm , i never put them in the frig , i am worried about the fondant melting, so if i do refig - deco it after its been out of the frig ?

You can decorate it and put it in the fridge. As as you do not have a lot of moisture in the fridge. You might turn your settings up so its not to the coldest setting. I use some dairy that is why i refigerate. I have made a cake 3 days in advance and kept it in the fridge and it stayed beautiful. make sure it does not go from cold to HOT that will make it unstable. Also if you box the cake it will protect it more from the moisture if the fridge and protect it from absorbing any smells from other foods in the fridge


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