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My friend called and wants me to make a cake for her daughter, Using buttercream icing and fondant to make Zebra strips, seems to be very popular, I do them all the time.  Well she is telling what she wants and then when she tells me the date, it is when I will be on vacation.  So now she is asking can I make her the cake on Wed, since I am leaving on Thursday and she can put it in her fridge until Sunday.  Do you think the it would hold up?  I think the cake and the buttercream would but I don't think the fondant decorations would.  Am I right?  Is there some other suggestion, besides finding someone else to do it?????   I need my vacation and I really don't want to be worried if the cake was okay......

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My cake will hold 1 week even after being sliced.  The buttercream and fondant should be fine.  However, the fondant may get a little tougher at time goes by but it should still be "good". 


Here's my question -- do you really want to do a cake on the day your should be packing for vacation? 

Well Gretchen
If you wrap the cake very well in plastic/cling wrap very well when refrigerated there shouldn't be a problem. When she takes it out of the fridge, remove the plastic wrap, place the cake in a cardboard box, not a cake box. Line the box on the bottom with a towel, place towels around the outskirts of the cake, being careful that they don't touch the cake. The cardboard & towel will absorb the dampness as the cake "thaws". My cake club leader does it all the time.
But I must say, I agree with Deah. Why oh why would you bother about this when you are heading out on va-ca??? I would pass it off to someone else. Why give yourself the extra stress!!!!

I know I think that is more of my delemia then the cake holding up.  But it is a very good friend, and I have done several cakes for her before.  I am going to see if she doesn't get anyone else then I may do it.


Use chocolate ganache under the fondant and allow it to set overnight before adding the fondant (not buttercream).  Keep in the coolest part of the house in a box, or do as June suggests allow your friend to defrost the cake slowly.  If the cake is put in a plastic box for the frig just take it out and leave it on the bench with the lid unopened.  Cheers Trottie

I know that lots of people say you shouldn't freeze fondant covered cakes, but I have done it a few times in emergencies without a hitch. My daughter got sick the mornong of her birthday party, and we rescheduled for the next week. I stuck the cake in the freezer, put it back in the fridge to thaw for 2 days prior, then sat it on the counter with a fan blowing on it to dry any condensation right before the party and you couldn't tell the difference. Good luck!

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