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How far in advance can gum paste pieces be made and how to keep them...

Good Morning cakers!

It has been sometime since I have looked around the site!  Everyone does such incredible work!  Thank you all for sharing your talents here!

i am just beginning to think about a a big wedding I have coming.

I have been asked to creats 10  8"rounds for individual tables, this is for a dinner following the wedding.  THe kicker is that each cake / table is going to represent a place this couple has traveled to.  They have been all over the world!!

THEN....the following day they will have a I am doing a stacked wedding cake for 150 for the next days reception!!!

All this in my tiny kitchen!  And working full time!  Am I crazy?  Doon't answer this question:)

I am looking for any information on how early I can create my little gumpaste pieces to put onto the cakes.

Do I bake and freeze??  How early?

Here is the big much do you charge for all of the above?  All fondant covered cakes, but this is a long time family friend!


So there you go :)  Thanks for any advice anyone may have!

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What time period are you looking for?  Are the shapes going to be flat or curved? Can place between 2 pieces of plastic for a limited time for the flat me on the curved pieces.
If you are making fondant pieces that you do not want to harden... you will have to make them right before you put them on the cake.  You could maybe cover them in plastic and keep them a little soft but once fondant or gumpaste is rolled out and cut it begins to dry as soon as the air hits it.    If you keep them tightly covered in plastic they might not dry out but not a guarantee. 

Thanks Jeri....


Thats my problem i'm running into a bit of time crunch when i have to do the cake, and i was hoping to pre made all these fondant pieces.  But i need them to be soft....maybe i will do a trial tonight and cut pieces out and put them in a plastic container and see how they are in a few days!




I am thinking that I have tried this before but I couldn't keep them from drying out so I just cut them out and put them on as I am decorating.  I would be curious if anyone has been able to do it.  Colorado is so so dry that things dry out VERY FAST here!


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